The Rhineland way of running a business

My presentation for the Eindhoven Innovation café, went quite well; I got many nice questions after the presentation:
– Possible to mix Anglosaxon (AS) and Rhineland (RL) ? Not succesfully on the long run; people feel the difference between RL words and AS context/intentions
– RL in Singapore? Risky to run a country like a state
– RL in China? RL is the third way: not the market dominant, not the state dominant, but all stakeholders equal
– My personal drive? 1) Equality, 2) Region Eindhoven ‘top of the world’ not only technical/economical, but also social/moral
– Social Enterprise RL ? Yes !
– Trends in the Netherlands? Different per sector: Family owned, Small versus Big, Care
– Difference between now and the 90’s? More concentration of economic and political power (Trump, Google/Amazon/Facebook/Apple/Microsoft, Piketty)
– Kate Raworth: Donut economy: economy between people and planet boundaries = RL
– Difference between RL and Communisme? RL= Commonisme, coming from Kees Klomp and his betekenis-economy (meaning)
– ‘Corporate logic’ introduced by Philipp Blom in ‘Het Filosofisch kwintet
RL map of our region is already available, never final. Suggestions are welcome, can go to: [email protected]



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