Some are more equal than others

Een mooie speech van het Festival of Dangerous Ideas:

“There are two Americas. In one, bankers get golden parachutes, insider traders return to society as well-paid consultants, and influence is for sale. In the other, opportunity is scarce and forgiveness scarcer, jail awaits those caught possessing recreational drugs, and cries for help are ignored. Society preaches forgiveness for the rich and retribution for the poor. Entrenched inequality and its companion, poverty, are the dark side of the American dream for a citizenry united by name, but not by rules.

Is the divide fair, the result of natural winners and losers, or is it built into the system? We know that inequality is bad for the rich as well as the poor, and that more equal countries are healthier and happier, but this knowledge won’t bring change by itself. What can be done when those with the power to change the divide are those that benefit most from it? As long as the more equal won’t let go, the less equal will suffer.”

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Martin Swinkels

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