Een mooi initiatief van onze Jim Rough en zijn collega’s:

As you probably know … Jim Rough developed a new strategy for whole-system change called the “Wisdom Council.” For over twenty years we have been excited about how it can work at all levels of society: organizations, community, county, state, nation and even evoking a global “We the People.” It’s especially being picked up in parts of Central Europe. One state of Austria has even changed its constitution to include the Wisdom Council, and two other nearby states are planning to do the same.

The “system” of our society is breaking down but we can transform the system nationally by putting an inclusive choice-creating conversation at the core of society. But how to do this?

Martin Rausch from Switzerland heard about the Wisdom Council and with his passion and genuis we created a national strategy for the U.S. We hope you will look at the four minute cartoon Kickstarter video, get excited, and pass it on to your networks. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/654970737/sizzle-the-wisdom-council-live?ref=email

Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...

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